Released 2021-05-28
0004488: [Bug] UPDATE triggers have local variables defined with hardcoded "utf8" charset (elong)
0004973: [Bug] Unicode synchronization of utf8 strings with 4 byte characters in MySql and MariaDB does not work (elong)
0005047: [Bug] Windows install to directory with parenthesis (elong)
0004981: [Improvement] Allow the setting of a timeout for the Sync Triggers process (pmarzullo)
0004345: [Bug] Postgres array types improperly cast into non-array types (josh-a-hicks)
0004333: [Improvement] Monitor events purger condition (elong)
0004675: [Bug] SQL-Server trigger not implemented exception for NCHAR (elong)
0004970: [Bug] Auto resolve missing foreign key with load only or extract only node (elong)
0004971: [Bug] Connection leak during routing when a group link is added (chenson)
0004974: [Bug] Routing and extracting had X columns but expected Y (elong)
0004976: [Bug] MySQL: Drop trigger silently fails (elong)
0004977: [Bug] Oracle create index under same user/schema as table (elong)
0004980: [Bug] MySQL 8 CHAR data type needs spaces right trimmed (elong)
0004986: [Bug] Work with MySQL 8 JDBC driver (elong)
0004987: [Bug] Kafka escaping for special characters (pmarzullo)
0004988: [Bug] Batch in conflict won't load when unique key value is null (elong)
0004996: [Bug] Table PK column order mismatch with column order can cause errors (elong)
0004998: [Bug] Firebird error while dropping trigger, token unknown (elong)
0005001: [Bug] Postgres converts json and uuid types to text for create table (elong)
0005003: [Bug] Oracle: Geometry column type can not be used in a where clause (pmarzullo)
0005006: [Bug] Push, pull, extract thread name has wrong queue (elong)
0005009: [Improvement] Auto resolve missing foreign key for SYM tables (elong)
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