Scheduled For Release 2023-12-15
0006033: [Bug] Work queued via BackgroundRefresherService sometimes does not get done
0002448: [Improvement] When configuring triggers in pro, detect fk dependencies and prompt the user if they want to sync
0006137: [Bug] take snapshot from license violation screen does not show the snapshots to download them (pmarzullo)
0006135: [New Feature] Add Parameters as replacement tokens in Notification templates (pmarzullo)
0006136: [Improvement] Look into using Launch4j to start java on Windows (pmarzullo)
0006125: [Improvement] Ensure subset data wizard does not create a router id that exceeds max length of table (josh-a-hicks)
0006116: [Bug] Creating node using import configuration does not keep the non-default values for the default channels (pmarzullo)
0004934: [Bug] Service won't start on Windows after enabling JMX (elong)
0005506: [Bug] Remove productionMode context parrameter in web.xml (pmarzullo)
0006063: [New Feature] Add support for RabbitMQ (cquamme)
0006149: [Improvement] Set query time out for log based support to match trigger based (josh-a-hicks)
0006126: [Improvement] Prevent users from creating triggers for a load-only node group via the Add Tables Wizard (emiller)
0006147: [Bug] SQL-Server bulk load bcp integrated security (elong)
0006142: [Bug] Postgres log miner parsing exception with NULL value (elong)
0006138: [Bug] Refresh loop after hitting refresh button in browser (elong)
0006123: [New Feature] Add Unknown Certificate Authority insight (emiller)
0006121: [Bug] Save As Copy in GUI always keeps saved object as selected (pmarzullo)
0006120: [Bug] JsonIOException fails to deserialize log summary event (elong)
0006114: [Improvement] Add process info to support snapshot (elong)
0006111: [New Feature] Make it possible to log in via SAML without having a corresponding console user (emiller)
0006109: [Bug] Web console is unresponsive after logging in via SAML (emiller)
0006110: [Bug] Logging in via SAML results in the web console repeatedly reloading itself (emiller)
0006108: [New Feature] Make it possible to log in via LDAP without having a corresponding console user (emiller)
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