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0002278SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-09-09 21:07
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Product Version3.7.10 
Target Version3.12.0Fixed in Version3.12.0 
Summary0002278: File sync during initial load doesn't work
DescriptionFrom the manual:
File Routing also provides a flag that indicates if the target node should be seeded with the files from the source node during SymmetricDS’s initial load process.
Well, on my server node (Oracle 11) I've this file trigger:
'01-APR-15 00:00:00,000000',null,
'01-APR-15 00:00:00,000000','filesync','filesync_reload'
linked to one of my routers in this way:
'01-APR-15 00:00:00,000000',null,'01-APR-15 00:00:00,000000')
and with filesync and filesync_reload channels with RELOAD_FLAG=1.
In this conditions I expect that every new node during initial load will receive selected tables from DB but also files that are in the sync area but altough file sync works well no file is trasferred to new nodes during initial load.
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