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0003399SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2018-02-16 22:34
Reporterelong Assigned Toelong  
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Product Version3.8.0 
Target Version3.9.4Fixed in Version3.9.4 
Summary0003399: Setup warns there is not enough memory on Linux
DescriptionCurrently using OperatingSystemMXBean to report the free physical memory size. On Linux, it does not include buffers or cache memory. Linux will cache as much as it can for performance, but the buffers and cache are available as free memory if an applications needs it. Since the JDK does not seem to provide a way to get kernel buffer and cache memory size, we can use the "free -m" command.
Steps To ReproduceCompile a bunch of stuff on Linux or otherwise do a bunch of disk access to use up memory with cache. The output of "free -m" will show a "free" column. The first line is the same free memory reported by Java. The second line is the free memory that is really available.
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