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0003941SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2022-08-02 14:46
Reporterpmarzullo Assigned Toelong  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.10.3 
Target Version3.14.0Fixed in Version3.14.0 
Summary0003941: Data gap route reader could use multiple queries when exceeding max gaps
DescriptionCurrently the routing algorithm uses a configuration parameter (, defaults to 100) to determine if the routing algorithm will query for unrouted data ids that are in the sym_data_gap records using a database query (if the number of data gaps is less than the configured value) or in memory (get a list of data ids and check in the sym_data_gap records in memory).

Instead of switching to the in memory mode of checking, maybe consider that the algorithm will always use the SQL query, but use multiple queries to cover all of the sym_data_gaps records, breaking up the list of sym_data_gap records into manageable numbers per query.


related to 0005210 closedelong Routing reader may use multiple queries for a large number of gaps 


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