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0006174SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2024-04-10 17:54
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Product Version3.15.0 
Target Version3.15.3Fixed in Version3.15.3 
Summary0006174: Could not find trigger history, causes error of had X columns but expected Y
DescriptionWhen extracting a batch, if a trigger history cannot be found, it will look up and use the first active trigger history for the table. If the table was recently altered to include more or fewer columns, then the trigger history won't match the data, which leads to the following log messages and error:

WARN [node-1] [DataService] [node-1-dataextractor-1] Could not find trigger history 377 for table mytable for data_id 175848. Using trigger hist 1206 instead.
WARN [node-1] [DataExtractorService] node-1-push-default-1] The batch server01-10670 appears corrupt in staging, so removing it. (The extracted row for table mytable had 14 columns but expected 17. Corrupted row for data ID 175848

Instead, it should look up any active or non-active trigger history with a column count and primary key count that matches the data row. If there isn't a matching one, then there is no choice left but to use the current active trigger history.


related to 0006173 closedelong Could not find trigger history, causes error of had X columns but expected Y 
related to 0004617 closed Corrupted row data during extract 


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