Released 2021-11-17
0004978: [Bug] Binary primary keys will not delete as part of conflict resolution (josh-a-hicks)
0005102: [Bug] Interbase Table SYM_TEMP_CONTEXT (elong)
0005113: [Bug] Data mapping is incorrect on an insert fallback to update potentially when column count on target is not the same as row data (josh-a-hicks)
0002970: [Bug] db connection leaks after engine stop (pmarzullo)
0003119: [Bug] Stopping service breaks connections with error in Interbase logs (pmarzullo)
0003382: [Bug] MV-Store DB corrupt after stopping SymmetricDS replication software (pmarzullo)
0003563: [Improvement] Purging large number of extract requests, query time out (elong)
0003897: [Improvement] Cleanly exit all job threads when engine is stopped (pmarzullo)
0004800: [Improvement] Subselect router expression improvement (elong)
0004955: [Improvement] Ignore batch status is sometimes overwritten (elong)
0004958: [Improvement] Initial load select boolean directly without template (elong)
0004993: [Improvement] Remove "databases" sub-directory (elong)
0004995: [Improvement] Upgrade Gradle to latest possible version (emiller)
0005013: [Bug] Registration server config_version not updating (elong)
0005015: [New Feature] Speed up start up by only checking tables when version changes (elong)
0005059: [Bug] var_row_data is defined as mediumtext (rudiejd)
0005098: [Improvement] Auto sync triggers at startup parameter default off and option to force rebuild (elong)
0005099: [New Feature] Purge trigger history (elong)
0005101: [Improvement] Changing parameters should not restart all jobs (elong)
0005107: [Improvement] Parameter staging.dir should be appended with the engine name (elong)
0005117: [Improvement] Increase size of file_name column in sym_file_snapshot (elong)
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