0005119: [Improvement] Design Screen Permission Installation (jvanmeter)
0004943: [New Feature] Upgrade to Vaadin 14 user interface components (emiller)
0004953: [Bug] Switching nodes changes the column widths of the grids on the Dashboard screen (emiller)
0004954: [Improvement] Installer log which files modified (elong)
0004963: [Improvement] Console login is slow (elong)
0005044: [Improvement] Enhanced status in the node list (elong)
0005075: [New Feature] Elasticsearch Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005081: [New Feature] MongoDB change data capture or load-only node and upgraded driver to 4.3.1 (josh-a-hicks)
0005094: [New Feature] Log miner for Postgres database (elong)
0005096: [New Feature] Console event listener extension (elong)
0005100: [New Feature] OpenSearch Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005104: [Improvement] Uninstaller leaves folder and files behind (elong)
0005109: [New Feature] Microsoft Azure CosmosDB support (josh-a-hicks)
0005110: [New Feature] Add Engine Startup Failure Dialog (emiller)
0005111: [Improvement] Default parameter console.auth.config.client to true (elong)
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