0005338: [New Feature] Flag for If Batch Was Bulk Loaded and Showing Percentage of Batches Bulk Loaded in a Load (cquamme)
0005222: [Improvement] Improve quick config wizard when opened from Configure Table Triggers screen (emiller)
0005226: [Improvement] Improve how the router form handles Target Table, Target Catalog, and Target Schema fields (emiller)
0004795: [Improvement] Improve router expression editor (emiller)
0005344: [Improvement] Documentation for Bulk Loading (cquamme)
0005241: [Improvement] Log license validation error when license error occurs (pmarzullo)
0005076: [New Feature] S3 Dialect Implementation (jvanmeter)
0005311: [Bug] SingleStore Gives Trigger-Based as a Configuration Mode, But Does Not Currently Support Trigger-Based (cquamme)
0005336: [Bug] Snowflake Databases Fail to Bulk Load (cquamme)
0005348: [Bug] MySQL Fails to Bulk Load on Windows (cquamme)
0005352: [Bug] collectionSchema cannot be null -- while parsing sql insert Issue With Oracle Log Mining and Oracle Permissions (cquamme)
0005365: [Bug] Trigger Router Screen in Add Table(s) Wizard Fallbacks to Default Node (cquamme)
0005139: [Bug] Reconnecting node missing registration URL (elong)
0005142: [Improvement] Delete router from Configure -> Router screen is slow (elong)
0005143: [Bug] On refresh of nodes panel, expand/collapse indicator is wrong (emiller)
0005148: [Improvement] Faster save performance for Configure -> Table Triggers and Routing screens (elong)
0005149: [Improvement] Improve and add filters on Configure Table Triggers and Configure Table Routing screens (emiller)
0005281: [Improvement] Snowflake Log Mining Functionality (pmarzullo)
0003946: [Improvement] Update Load Data wizard to be like the Auto Create Table Triggers wizard (emiller)
0005283: [Improvement] Add tables from console-schema.xml to pro user guide (emiller)
0003805: [Improvement] Allow Notification Email Template to be Modified Through User Interface (emiller)
0004665: [Bug] On configure screens, add "Save as Copy" button and allow editing of ID (emiller)
0005112: [Improvement] Kafka Advanced Settings to include ability to specify kafkaclient properties (emiller)
0005161: [Improvement] Labels on Health panel should link to the relevant screens (emiller)
0005163: [New Feature] Add Test Database button and Database Performance dialog to Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005172: [New Feature] Add push registration screens (emiller)
0005174: [New Feature] Add TLS certificate expiration reminder (emiller)
0005176: [New Feature] Add monitor types for license expiration, certificate expiration and license usage (emiller)
0005182: [Improvement] Improve grid on Manage Nodes screen (emiller)
0005183: [Improvement] Improve node registration panel (emiller)
0005184: [Improvement] Include tables in side-by-side documentation (emiller)
0005186: [Improvement] Add Spotless plugin to SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
0005187: [Improvement] Add Overrides column to Configure Parameters grid (emiller)
0005188: [New Feature] Settings button with display options (emiller)
0005189: [Improvement] Improve TriggerRouterScreen in quick config wizard (emiller)
0005197: [New Feature] Add warning and dialog for tables that lack a primary key (emiller)
0005202: [New Feature] Add Manage Incoming Loads screen (emiller)
0005206: [New Feature] Add SQL Server bcp bulk loader (emiller)
0005212: [New Feature] Improve how node setup wizard handles load only nodes and bulk loaders (emiller)
0005218: [New Feature] Add console events for viewing batches (emiller)
0005228: [Improvement] Make snapshot age more apparent on the Help Support screen (emiller)
0005229: [New Feature] Log miner for MySQL database (emiller)
0005237: [Bug] SQL Explorer queries on SQLite get IllegalStateException (elong)
0005244: [Improvement] Hide "Setup bulk loading" checkbox if not on registration server (emiller)
0005247: [Bug] SQL Server Date columns are being converted to DateTime (elong)
0005270: [Improvement] Better descriptions of DB import options (elong)
0005276: [Improvement] Add option to Data Load Wizard to both create/alter tables and truncate tables (emiller)
0005284: [Improvement] Check the hostname and the local_infile variable when setting up a MySQL node with bulk loading enabled (emiller)
0005288: [Improvement] Make it possible to ignore a row from an outgoing batch that is part of a load (emiller)
0005292: [Improvement] Make error messages more obvious on Manage Installed Triggers screen (emiller)
0005293: [Improvement] Improve how metadata is fetched for engines that are on the same instance (emiller)
0005295: [New Feature] Relational to JSON writer with nesting using group of tables (emiller)
0005302: [Improvement] Improve first-time setup experience (emiller)
0005307: [Improvement] Add a warning to the Manage Outgoing Loads screen when a channel in use is disabled (emiller)
0005328: [Improvement] Add filters to Auto Create Table Routing and Auto Create File Routing dialogs (emiller)
0005363: [Improvement] Database test runs on controller node instead of node selected (elong)
0005369: [Improvement] Make failure message easier to read on failed engines screen (emiller)
0005374: [New Feature] Add more information and an option to take ownership when a node fails to claim exclusive ownership of a database (emiller)
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