Released 2022-04-11
0005200: [Improvement] Allow specification of local user/password for running Windows service (pmarzullo)
0005213: [New Feature] Allow to save startup parameters in local keystore or in Azure Key Vault (pmarzullo)
0005260: [Bug] Sybase ASE with 2k page file fails to create SYM tables (600 is the maximum allowable size of an index.) (elong)
0005194: [Bug] DBCompare support for load only target nodes and log based source nodes. (josh-a-hicks)
0005204: [Improvement] MSSQL support for engine edition (josh-a-hicks)
0005214: [Bug] Column count error when load transform falls back to an insert with a column that is included on insert only (emiller)
0005216: [Bug] Metadata error can skip data when using dataloader.ignore.missing.tables parameter (elong)
0005255: [Bug] Monitor doesn't run when its type requires a cluster lock and it's supposed to run less often than the monitor job (emiller)
0005263: [Bug] CVE-2022-22965: Spring Version needs to use 5.2.20.RELEASE or 5.3.18 in order to not be vulnerable to this security issue (pmarzullo)
0005264: [Bug] Update any driver, module, or library that has a security vulnerability or serious defect (emiller)
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