Released 2022-06-03
0005162: [Bug] Keystore becomes invalid after Generating and adding a new Keypair (elong)
0002423: [Bug] Create table with max varchar supported by target (emiller)
0005272: [Bug] Conflict Resolution of deletes of parent records fail to delete child records when child tables have no primary keys (pmarzullo)
0005273: [Bug] Rebuild trigger does not take into account the target platform (pmarzullo)
0005274: [Bug] Prevent "Failed to get hash code for field delimiter" warning message for SQL Server (emiller)
0005279: [Bug] FK correction for self referencing table. (josh-a-hicks)
0005285: [Bug] Create tables xml needs to escape double quotes on the database type (josh-a-hicks)
0005289: [Bug] Method in AbstractSqlTemplate Causes Recursive Looping with Android (elong)
0005313: [Bug] Null default values become string values when replicating tables from Oracle to MariaDB (elong)
0005318: [Bug] Conflict resolution batch with token parsing error when newlines in data (elong)
0005320: [Improvement] Use unique index for PK column names in trigger hist when table is missing primary key (elong)
0005321: [Bug] SymmetricDS Not Properly Handling Unable to Write Batch to Kafka Error (jvanmeter)
0005327: [Bug] Upgrade spring and okhttp (elong)
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