Released 2022-07-12
0005341: [New Feature] Add system property to control use of "on conflict" on Postgres (elong)
0005045: [Task] Errors in "ON CONFLICT " - need a new parameter (elong)
0004975: [Bug] insert with on conflict clause cannot be used with table that has insert or update rules (elong)
0005340: [Bug] Wrong character in document (emiller)
0003295: [Bug] Sync from MySql to MSSql initial load - table create fails on Decimal Precision when MySQL precision is more than 38 (elong)
0005329: [Bug] Sync triggers on selected tables without primary key gets trigger hist without primary key columns (elong)
0005333: [Bug] Oracle log mining throwing exception when finding mismatched LOB record in log mining result set (pmarzullo)
0005334: [Bug] Server not trusted when sending email (elong)
0005343: [Bug] Mathematical transform turns an integer into a decimal when the result has 8 or more digits (emiller)
0005349: [Improvement] Substring Transform support for all spaces (josh-a-hicks)
0005350: [Bug] Conflict resolution based on newer wins with transforms (josh-a-hicks)
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