Released 2022-10-04
0005433: [Improvement] Sync triggers when parameters change that affect triggers (elong)
0005502: [Bug] Fix json deserialization issue with log summary object (josh-a-hicks)
0000697: [Task] Document the --client option in the User Guide. I've been told it is useful ;-) (elong)
0000765: [Improvement] dbexport / dbimport should support oracle virtual columns (emiller)
0000922: [Bug] Float used on table without primary causes update to not capture (emiller)
0001753: [Bug] Default values that are functions do not work while creating tables in MySQL (emiller)
0003251: [Bug] Mysql BIGINT UNSIGNED processed as signed and gives error on larger than 63 bits numbers. (emiller)
0004116: [Bug] Syncing from Time to Timestamp (or vice versa) in Postgres produced inaccurate values (emiller)
0005392: [Bug] Unable to write to sym_outgoing_batch when using Postgres (elong)
0004295: [Bug] Detect when the order of a primary key changes in order to regenerate it (elong)
0004335: [Bug] Multiple transform_table rows per source table cause multiplication of rows in outgoing batch (elong)
0004514: [Bug] DbCompare: The output script to fix issues on the target does not support null values. (emiller)
0005427: [New Feature] Creating a Parameter That, Upon Registration, Will Automatically Create A Group Link Between Nodes if None Exist (cquamme)
0005430: [Bug] Android not implemented exception when sym_monitor syncs (elong)
0005431: [Improvement] Install triggers on registration server before configuration is complete (elong)
0005435: [Bug] NumberFormatException when querying for an integer greater than Long.MAX_VALUE in SQL Explorer (emiller)
0005436: [Bug] Sybase ASE issues when upgrading SymmetricDS from an older version to 3.14.* (pmarzullo)
0005439: [Bug] Conflict resolver fails if there are no primary keys on the target and it is set to not use primary keys from source (jvanmeter)
0005440: [Improvement] Change parameter to default to false (elong)
0005441: [Bug] Windows service won't start if tmp dir has trailing slash (elong)
0005449: [Improvement] Add SOURCE_NODE_ID_FROM_DATA to VariableColumnTransform to allow using the source_node_id from the data (pmarzullo)
0005450: [Improvement] Routing default batch algorithm protection against large transactions (elong)
0005453: [Improvement] Backup keystore before saving it (elong)
0005459: [Improvement] Adding Log Info For Queries for Lookup Table Routers (cquamme)
0005460: [Bug] Cannot write to more than one Kafka instance in a single instance of SymmetricDS (jvanmeter)
0005464: [Improvement] Parameter to use old conflict pk detect and fallback (elong)
0005476: [Improvement] Ability to disable sync triggers when sync on incoming is enabled (elong)
0005477: [Bug] Some default values do not sync correctly from Oracle to Oracle (emiller)
0005481: [Improvement] Cast TEXT types in MS SQL to VARCHAR for SymmetricDS tables (elong)
0005483: [Improvement] Cast TEXT to VARCHAR for all tables (elong)
0005486: [Improvement] Ignore missing tables on config channel (elong)
0005487: [Improvement] Support snapshot fixes (elong)
0005492: [Improvement] Table reload request with "where" keyword gets error (elong)
0005495: [Bug] Batch error missing method sendMissingForeignKeyRowsForLoad (elong)
0005472: [Bug] When a load filter changes catalog or schema the DML statement is not recreated with the updated values (josh-a-hicks)
0005496: [Improvement] Cast varchar to nvarchar (elong)
0005497: [Bug] NPE when running DbFill on a table with a foreign key that references a table in another catalog or schema (emiller)
0005501: [Bug] Registration left pending when client is 3.12 or newer and server is 3.11 or older (elong)
0005503: [Bug] New config tables are being routed to old nodes (elong)
0005504: [Bug] Oracle DATE type should not have its size specified (emiller)
0005505: [Bug] Oracle TO_TIMESTAMP() function gets surrounded by quotes when imported as a default value (emiller)
0003845: [Bug] Primary key constraint violation while replicating single table from MSSQL 2017 into PostgreSQL 9.6 (pmarzullo)
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