Released 2023-02-15
0005691: [Bug] Pulling corrupted batch gets null pointer in loop (elong)
0005685: [Bug] MariaDB JDBC Driver version 3 does not support a negative fetch size to indicate the use of streaming (pmarzullo)
0005676: [Bug] Initial load sends too many tables when using $(targetExternalId) variable (elong)
0005678: [Bug] Extract fails with durationMillis must not be negative (elong)
0005672: [Improvement] Sync triggers fails with deadlock on SQL-Server (elong)
0005659: [Improvement] Snapshot util too slow for large multi-tenant deployment (elong)
0005654: [Bug] sym_node_host trigger should capture changes even if auto.sync.configuration is set to false (pmarzullo)
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