Released 2023-05-12
0005805: [Improvement] Allow specification of database platform of symmetric when DbDxport execution with load only/extract only/log miner (pmarzullo)
0005782: [Improvement] Unique Index with Multiple Nulls not Properly Handled for Certain Databases (jvanmeter)
0005815: [Improvement] DDL Capture Changes - Three enhancements to DDL trigger capture (josh-a-hicks)
0005780: [Improvement] Slow routing when using $(targetExternalId) variable (elong)
0005790: [Improvement] Failed to decrypt node password from lost secret key in keystore (elong)
0005791: [Bug] Allow registration of other nodes after registration and initial load is complete (elong)
0005817: [Improvement] Snapshot util not returning (elong)
0004310: [Bug] Replicating to postgres to postgres timestamp with default
0005803: [Bug] Interbase fixes: failing to have prepared statement indicators in set and select portion of SQL statements (pmarzullo)
0005831: [Improvement] Sync triggers by $(targetExternalId) and call after registration (elong)
0005781: [Bug] DBCompare --use-sym-config true (cquamme)
0005779: [Improvement] Improve docs on db.init.sql property (emiller)
0005828: [Bug] Class Not Found Exception when connecting to Redshift (cquamme)
0005823: [Improvement] Capture timings when running Sync Triggers (pmarzullo)
0005826: [Bug] Data can become misaligned with column names during extraction after a column gets renamed (emiller)
0005822: [Bug] SQL Server create or alter trigger fails when table is not in default schema (dbo) (pmarzullo)
0005810: [Improvement] Redshift Bulk Loader increased versioning and dependencies (josh-a-hicks)
0005809: [Bug] NullPointerException when writing a delete to Kafka when old data has not been captured (emiller)
0005811: [Bug] When Capture of Old Data is disabled, Deletes get an Index Out Of Bounds Error with Kafka (jvanmeter)
0005766: [Bug] NPE when inserting into sym_incoming_batch on some platforms (emiller)
0005807: [Bug] Sybase ASE gets Misinterpreted as Sybase SQL Anywhere (jvanmeter)
0005799: [Bug] 3 tier deployment, 3rd tier does not get top level tier sym_node* tables (pmarzullo)
0005802: [Bug] SQL Server and Sybase stream row on updates trigger syntax issue (pmarzullo)
0005800: [New Feature] Add a gradle task that generates javadoc and publishes it to the website (emiller)
0005783: [Improvement] SymmetricDS seems to require Postgres 11, but the docs don't reflect that (emiller)
0005774: [New Feature] Support for capturing the row identifier on various platforms if available (default is false) (josh-a-hicks)
0005775: [New Feature] File sync batches to provide file name as the summary in outgoing and incoming batch. (josh-a-hicks)
0005765: [Improvement] Add quotation marks around values in threads-stats.csv file in support snapshot (emiller)
0005757: [New Feature] Add server parameter for setting a server's cookie name (cquamme)
0005753: [Improvement] Reopening registration should reset the failed login count (emiller)
0005752: [Improvement] Add support for H2 2.x (emiller)
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