Released 2023-08-25
0005960: [Improvement] Add support for NTEXT to SQLAnywhere dialect (pmarzullo)
0005961: [Bug] SQL Anywhere long varbit values are inconsistent between change data capture and initial load (pmarzullo)
0005955: [Bug] Sybase Anywhere - channel_id size Problem on auto-create triggers (emiller)
0005921: [Improvement] Adding Uni* type support to Sybase ASE (jvanmeter)
0005944: [Improvement] Adding log info for subselect routers (cquamme)
0005948: [Bug] KafkaDataWriter by ROW method has a trailing comma (jvanmeter)
0005937: [Improvement] SymmetricDS User Guide Incorrectly Referencing Table Column Name Which Dropped From 3.14 Release Already (elong)
0005932: [Improvement] Update docs on using environment variables in engines properties (modified summary) (cquamme)
0005942: [Bug] SQLAnywhere DDL problems with dropping indexes and triggers, and trigger syntax issue for version 11 and earlier (pmarzullo)
0005935: [Bug] Failed to execute IHeartbeatListener PushHeartbeatListener java.lang.NullPointerException When Starting up SymmetricDS (elong)
0005934: [Bug] Getting null pointer from in new method anyPlatformColumnTypeContains on platformColumns (chenson)
0001180: [New Feature] Add option to symadmin --send-sql to specify a file containing the sql to send. (JishLong)
0005931: [Bug] log.slow.sql.threshold.millis and log.sql.parameters.inline parameters do not work and are not documented (emiller)
0001063: [Improvement] Add export-config and import-config command line options to symadmin (JishLong)
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