Released 2023-11-14
0006017: [Improvement] DDL Create Table Oracle with varchar columns that have a size > 4000 (josh-a-hicks)
0006104: [Improvement] Add indexes to sym_outgoing_batch (emiller)
0006087: [Bug] Upgrade from pre-3.15 to 3.15 loses H2 databases (emiller)
0006099: [Bug] Many router types attempt to handle non-DML data event types when they do not support them (emiller)
0006100: [Bug] Engine "filesync" not found (elong)
0006097: [Improvement] Cache trigger template hashcode (elong)
0006096: [Improvement] Contains big LOB check can be fooled by commas in data (elong)
0006094: [New Feature] Add symadmin take-snapshot subcommand (emiller)
0006086: [Improvement] Improve watchdog job and enable it by default (emiller)
0006083: [Improvement] SQLite nodes do not insert into sym_context correctly when disabling sync triggers (emiller)
0006079: [New Feature] Make it possible to use DBCompare's --config option to specify a suffix for each column in the order by clause (emiller)
0006081: [Improvement] Improve name and documentation for DBExport's --symmetric option (emiller)
0006074: [Bug] Sync triggers fails when checking for multiple active trigger histories if Sybase ASE page size is 2K (emiller)
0006072: [Bug] sym_node gets updated unnecessarily when heartbeat.update.node.with.batch.status parameter is disabled (emiller)
0006069: [Improvement] Slow extract and load when using $(targetExternalId) variable (elong)
0006040: [Bug] maxFormContentSize and maxFormKeys are no longer used (elong)
0006052: [Bug] Sybase ASE result set has already been closed during trigger exists check (elong)
0006046: [Bug] The watchdog job should not allow a node to detect itself as offline (emiller)
0006044: [Bug] ConcurrentConnectionManager expects nodeId-channel in the white list, but only the nodeId is put in the white list (pmarzullo)
0006041: [Improvement] Reject node registration request (elong)
0006035: [Improvement] Use the value of as the truststore type if specified (emiller)
0006016: [Bug] Missing Kafka dependencies when installing Kafka module (emiller)
0006023: [Bug] SQLException when updating a non-OK outgoing batch on some database platforms (emiller)
0006015: [New Feature] Add :SOURCE_NODE_ID, :SOURCE_EXTERNAL_ID, and :SOURCE_NODE_GROUP_ID variables to column match routers (emiller)
0006012: [Bug] Do not attempt to "create or alter" triggers on SQL Server 2016 RTM (emiller)
0006007: [Improvement] Prevent node from starting up if the sync.url is invalid (emiller)
0006003: [Improvement] Upgrade Gradle Docker Plugin to latest version and get it working (emiller)
0006004: [Bug] SQL Explorer grid editor causes error in browser and "Edit" button is initially invisible (emiller)
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