0006143: [Bug] Postgres timestamp with time zone columns get their values formatted incorrectly when extracted for a load (emiller)
0006133: [Bug] DB compare was incorrectly hex-encoding Unitype columns (jvanmeter)
0006131: [Improvement] Too many "Expected but did not receive an ack for batch" (elong)
0006127: [Bug] Dbfill of nchar/nvarchar and avoid timestamp/rowversion (elong)
0006124: [Improvement] Add documentation for PostGIS data types for Postgres (cquamme)
0006112: [Bug] Cancel of load at target does not clean up everything at the source and still shows active at target (pmarzullo)
0006098: [Bug] Many router types attempt to handle non-DML data event types when they do not support them (emiller)
0006032: [Bug] Multiple queues can cause contention when trying to register a node. (jvanmeter)
0006095: [Improvement] Contains big LOB check can be fooled by commas in data (elong)
0006082: [Improvement] SQLite nodes do not insert into sym_context correctly when disabling sync triggers (emiller)
0006080: [Improvement] Improve name and documentation for DBExport's --symmetric option (emiller)
0006076: [Bug] Protect against exceptions in CPU monitor (emiller)
0006073: [Bug] Sync triggers fails when checking for multiple active trigger histories if Sybase ASE page size is 2K (emiller)
0006064: [Improvement] Slow extract and load when using $(targetExternalId) variable (elong)
0006071: [Bug] sym_node gets updated unnecessarily when heartbeat.update.node.with.batch.status parameter is disabled (emiller)
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