0006005: [Bug] "Enter" keyboard shortcut in wizards does not consistently work when using Chrome or Edge (emiller)
0006204: [Bug] Selection on Manage Installed Triggers screen does not behave correctly when filtering the grid (emiller)
0006213: [Bug] Encrypted parameter values need to be decrypted before saving into the batch file when synchronizing (pmarzullo)
0006216: [Bug] MySQL Bulk Loading documentation in appendix missing images (pmarzullo)
0006218: [New Feature] Subselect router support for SOURCE_NODE_ID variable (josh-a-hicks)
0006220: [Bug] Incoming Panel on dashboard does not show bulk loading correctly (pmarzullo)
0006136: [Improvement] Look into using Launch4j to start java on Windows (pmarzullo)
0006172: [Improvement] Windows service executable that launches Java (elong)
0006225: [Improvement] Compare and repair subsets, also fixes for scale, sort column names, viewing scripts (elong)
0006215: [Bug] Violation Edit Panel throws exceptions when parsing JSON text for reset of statistics dates and when generating JSON strings (pmarzullo)
0006202: [Improvement] Make "Active Errors" dialog display all severe monitor events (emiller)
0006200: [Improvement] Remove securityToken parameter from /outgoingBatchSummary REST API call (emiller)
0006033: [Bug] Work queued via BackgroundRefresherService sometimes does not get done (elong)
0006197: [Bug] Failed to queue work because the background refresher service has been shut down (elong)
0006169: [Improvement] Improving and Re-evaluating the Email Verification Process (jvanmeter)
0006191: [Improvement] SQL-Server log mining should not require snapshot isolation (elong)
0006187: [Bug] Enabling change tracking on MSSQL should not use brackets (josh-a-hicks)
0006186: [Bug] Configure -> Table Routing screen stuck in bulk edit mode (elong)
0006182: [Bug] Table name filter in Load Data Wizard doesn't work (emiller)
0006180: [Bug] "Allow changes from SQL to be captured" checkbox doesn't work when sending SQL (emiller)
0006167: [Bug] Checking for root user during installation fails even when user is root (pmarzullo)
0006161: [Bug] Mail Server checked wrong class for encryption type and password (jvanmeter)
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