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0001132SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2024-05-08 18:01
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Target Version3.15.0Fixed in Version3.15.0 
Summary0001132: Support Postgres Special Floating Point Values Infinity, -Infinity, NaN
DescriptionPostgres allows special values of Infinity, -Infinity and NaN for all floating point types. Symmetric fails with numeric conversions on these.
Tagsdata type, dialect: postgresql


related to 0002530 closedJishLong postgresql infinity timestamp 



2016-02-05 19:44

reporter   ~0000759

This is still an issue with the following types:

Looking at the error logs - it appears that it can extract the data fine, it just errors out when trying to reload it, as these values are special cases and need to be passed in as strings.

UPDATE table SET x = 'Infinity'

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