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0001591SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-08-31 12:54
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Product Version3.5.16 
Target Version3.7.0Fixed in Version3.7.0 
Summary0001591: Quotation marks w. sample creation script
DescriptionHi folks,

I tried to deploy the sample w. XML creation script, under Oracle (inside a Linux environnement, ubuntu & RHEL), but when i'm looking for results i got tables created w. "quotation marks" (") :

Here's a result under Oracle 11gR2 (in linux ubuntu) (i have the same result with another linux platform w. RHEL & Oracle 12c)

# sqlplus scott/tiger@orcl

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Tue Feb 18 14:29:31 2014

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning option

SQL> desc item
ERROR: ORA-04043: object item does not exist

SQL> desc "item"
 Name Null? Type
 --------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 item_id NOT NULL NUMBER(22)
 name VARCHAR2(100)

SQL> select * from item;
select * from item
ERROR at line 1: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

SQL> select * from "item";

   item_id name
---------- ---------------------
  11000001 Yummy Gum

(item not found, but "item" was found, etc.)

-- x --

I called, as decribed in the "documentation" : the command, "../bin/dbimport --engine corp-000 --format XML create_sample.xml"


-- x --

I'm trying to find out an oracle's answer, without any results yet. Here's my NLS params


------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

... The help would be welcome

Best regards,

Post Scriptum, i'm surprised that they are no issues on this topic !
Steps To ReproduceI Used steps described in documentation part#2 (after setting engines & properties files, i started with create_script.xml call with results described above)
Tagsddl/schema, dialect: oracle



2022-08-31 12:53

developer   ~0002175

This behavior is intentional. Your table names do not contain quotation marks. Instead, they were created in lowercase because that is how they are stored in the XML file. Oracle's default case is uppercase, so when you run a query like "select * from item", Oracle converts the table name to uppercase before attempting to match it to an existing table name. However, when you put quotation marks around the table name, Oracle does not convert it to uppercase, so it is able to find the table.

If you add the "--alter-case" option to your dbimport command, then the table names will be imported in uppercase to match Oracle's default case. The real issue here is that the SymmetricDS 3.5 tutorial you were referencing should have told you to use this option. It looks like the issue was resolved in version 3.7 because the tutorials from SymmetricDS 3.7 onwards specify that you should use the "--alter-case" option when importing create_script.xml.

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