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0002374SymmetricDSBugpublic2015-09-11 20:14
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Product Version3.4.9 
Target Version3.7.21Fixed in Version3.7.21 
Summary0002374: Memory being held up un-necessarily in StagingManager and StagedResource
DescriptionThe Staging manager does clean up the resources after the TTL. But the memoryBuffer which is being used (in StagedResource) is held up un-necssarily after the state of the resource changes to 'DONE'. I am talking specifically about resources which are first held in memory and then written to file (when the threshold is reached).
So, if the TTL is 1 hour, then this memoryBuffer is held in memory for that one hour.

I was looking at the code and the implementation of the setState function in StagedResource checks whether a file exists and if yes renames the file else it sets the memoryBuffer to null. Shouldn't it be cleaning up the memory buffer even if the file exists and the state is changed to DONE ?

Essentially shouldn't the below code snippet (in setState function of StagedResource) change from :

} else if (memoryBuffer != null && state == State.DONE) {
            this.memoryBuffer = null;


if (memoryBuffer != null && state == State.DONE) {
            this.memoryBuffer = null;

I see that the latest trunk code also has the same issue. Why would we need the memoryBuffer after the state has changed to 'DONE' ?
Steps To ReproduceWhile large number of events are being replicated, take a heap dump of the JVM which is hosting the symmetric engine and check the amount of memory which is occupied by the StagingManager.
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2015-08-24 20:20

administrator   ~0000712

The ThresholdFileWriter sets the buffer length to 0, but you are probably correct. I'll make that change for the next patch release.

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SymmetricDS: 3.7 49fe0a58

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0002374: Memory being held up un-necessarily in StagingManager and
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