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0002452SymmetricDSBugpublic2016-02-12 18:26
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Product Version3.7.27 
Target Version3.7.29Fixed in Version3.7.29 
Summary0002452: Unable to synchronize longvarchar from MySQL
DescriptionI've got table with longvarchar type on my MySQL server.

When i'm trying to synchronize it instead of data I'm getting values like this '[B@7992c595'

Problem exists both in Web Console and in target database.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create table on MySQL with longvarchar column
2) Configure synchronization to another MySQL database
3) Run synchronization
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2015-11-20 18:41

reporter   ~0000731

I mean longtext. Not longvarchar


2016-01-28 15:30

developer   ~0000753

I think the other step needed to reproduce this is to use a binary collation. For example, using:

create database mydb character set = 'utf8' collate = 'utf8_bin';

The collation can also be set at the table or column level. MySQL will report a column as LONGTEXT, but querying results from that column will bring back bytes.

I have a working fix checked in, and patch is available here:

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SymmetricDS: 3.7 2b04e58a

2016-01-28 10:29:18


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