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0002621SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2016-06-30 17:00
Reporterwoehrl01 Assigned Tochenson  
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Product Version3.7.34 
Target Version3.7.35Fixed in Version3.7.35 
Summary0002621: Slow performance of ConfigurationChangedDataRouter on trigger re-creation with many triggers
DescriptionThe performance of the ConfigurationChangedDataRouter is pretty weak if you recreate a lot of triggers (e.g. > 1.000), it usually needs about 3-5 minutes

1. For each entry it calls getTriggerById() with refeshCache = true. This leads to loading any triggers into the cache (getTriggers()) over and over again.

2. Additionally there is getActiveTriggerHistories(Trigger trigger) which also is called for each row, and does a selection for any active Triggers and filters on client side via trigger_id, which could be optimised into fetching by trigger_id on sql server side. You will also need an covering index on trigger_id and inactive_time then. Otherwise you'll get a tablescan anyway.

I already could provide a pull request for 2. If you have a suggestion for 1. for a better way to handle this (maybe calling it with refreshCache = false is enough?), I'll try to fix this with a Pull Request. Otherwise we could split this up if you want. Cause 1 is the one with the most performance gain potential.
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2016-05-31 18:36

developer   ~0000794

For 1, I think we could change it to getTriggerId() with refreshCache = false if we flush the cache once for the routing session. We could use a context variable to keep track that we only flush once:

if (routingContext.get(CTX_KEY_FLUSHED_TRIGGER_ROUTERS) == null) {
    routingContext.put(CTX_KEY_FLUSHED_TRIGGER_ROUTERS, true);

I can make that change for you.

For 2, I see what you mean about getActiveTriggerHistories(Trigger trigger). If you send a pull request, I'll accept it.

Did you need this change for 3.7 or 3.8? We've been trying to focus on 3.8, but this change seems low risk, so you can talk me into 3.7. Let me know.


2016-06-01 06:40

reporter   ~0000795

Great idea, putting this inside the routingContext! I'll make a pull request including 1 and 2.
I don't mind the version as I will port it to my local version anyway. As you're trying to focus on 3.8, I think we should put it there. It already contains some performance improvements related to trigger creation and could be grouped there (marketing wise ;) )

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Details Diff
0002621: Slow performance of ConfigurationChangedDataRouter on trigger
re-creation with many triggers
trigger router cache was already flushed, so don't need to pass variable
on individual calls
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2016-06-30 12:24:14


Details Diff
0002621: Slow performance of ConfigurationChangedDataRouter on trigger
re-creation with many triggers
Affected Issues
mod - symmetric-core/src/main/java/org/jumpmind/symmetric/service/impl/ Diff File

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