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0002626SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2016-06-10 14:22
Reporterelong Assigned Toelong  
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Product Version3.7.0 
Target Version3.7.34Fixed in Version3.7.34 
Summary0002626: Set order of triggers to first on SQL Server to preserve order of changes
DescriptionWhen the user has triggers on a table already, and those triggers are modifying data, the ordering of triggers is important. The SymmetricDS triggers need to fire first to capture the first change before other triggers can modify additional data. Add a mssql.trigger.order.first parameter that will enable the use of sp_settriggerorder procedure to set the SymmetricDS triggers to first. Only one trigger can be set as first, so if the user already has a trigger set to first, set their trigger to none, and log a warning.
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SymmetricDS: 3.7 e663e244

2016-06-03 16:39:38


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0002626: Set order of triggers to first on SQL Server to preserve order
of changes
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