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0002825SymmetricDSBugpublic2016-09-30 01:01
Reportermmichalek Assigned Tommichalek  
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Product Version3.8.5 
Target Version3.8.5Fixed in Version3.8.5 
Summary0002825: Data with ID = 0 is routed perpetually when using DataGapFastDetector
DescriptionIn the unusual situation where a data has id of 0, SymmetricDS will route that piece of data over and over, creating a new batch ID each time. This only occurs when using the DataGapFastDetector.

This bug was known to happen on HSQLDB, whose IDENTITY counter actually starts at 0 on sym_data. Probably most RDBMS' start at 1, which inherently works around this issue.

The issue was that the RouterService would route the data with id 0, but when it tried to notify the ChannelRouterContext, the 0 data id was dropped because "lastDataId" variable was not initialized and was therefore already 0. So the next time around, the DataGapFastDetector didn't know that any data was found at 0, and presented a gap at 0 for the next routing query which would start the cycle over.

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SymmetricDS: 3.8 780bb97c

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0002825: Data with ID = 0 is routed perpetually when using
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