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0003210SymmetricDSBugpublic2017-10-06 11:51
ReportertJeyhun Assigned Toelong  
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Product Version3.8.0 
Target Version3.8.30Fixed in Version3.8.30 
Summary0003210: Turkish Locale Problem
DescriptionProblem on systems with Turkish Locale. toLowerCase() and toUpperCase() functions used in SymmetricDS source when generating and quering table and column names should be used as toLowerCase(Locale.ENGLISH) and toUpperCase(Locale.ENGLISH).

for example "sym_monitor" table becomes "SYM_MONİTOR" and can not be found by SymmetricDS.

In Turkish 'i' -> 'İ' and 'ı' -> 'I'
Steps To ReproduceSet default locale to tr_tr or update setenv/sym-service.conf to set the locale for Java: -Duser.language=TR
Additional InformationPatch to fix is here:
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2017-09-01 12:28

developer   ~0001071

That's pretty interesting, never heard of that before. I was able to reproduce it by setting Java system properties " -Duser.language=TR". Most of the code uses equalsIgnoreCase(), so I'm guess there's only one or two instances of toUpperCase() in there.

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SymmetricDS: 3.8 0fd5f86f

2017-09-01 11:59:21


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