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0003607SymmetricDSBugpublic2018-10-17 15:51
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Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version3.7.34 
Summary0003607: file trigger error
DescriptionI don't know whether it's a bug or a config error.When I insert some config sql to database,this problems will appear to me .The error description is "Could not find a trigger router with a trigger_id of null and a router_id of null. The file snapshot will not be routed"
I will list my sqls below.
Steps To Reproduce-- 建立路由器,已有则不用
insert into sym_router
values('dept_2_collection_WJSB', 'dept', 'collection', 'default',current_timestamp, current_timestamp);
-- 建立通道
insert into sym_channel
(channel_id, processing_order, max_batch_size, enabled, description)
values('WJSB_200_100_file', 1, 100000, 1, 'which table you want to etl');
-- 建立重载通道
insert into sym_channel
(channel_id, processing_order, max_batch_size, enabled, description)
values('WJSB_200_100_file_reload', 1, 100000, 1, 'which table you want to etl');
-- 建立触发器
insert into sym_file_trigger
-- 建立触发器和路由关系
insert into sym_file_trigger_router
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duplicate of 0003109 closedemiller File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message 



2018-06-20 16:29

reporter   ~0001210

Version 3.7.34 is pretty old at this point. You may want to try using the latest version.

I did notice your channel inserts do not set the FILE_SYNC_FLAG.

Is there a stack trace or any more information in your log file?


2018-06-21 03:25

reporter   ~0001211

thank you for your reply.
I set the FILE_SYNC_FLAG to "1",but it doesn't work.
I will change the version and use the latest version today.Can you give me your email?I alsohave some confusion about source code and implementation principle.

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