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0004226SymmetricDSBugpublic2020-06-04 17:55
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Summary0004226: Table trigger configuration - Sync on Insert/Delete/Update Condition, wrong Sync Condition example
DescriptionIn docs is "Sync Conditions can access both old values and new values of a field/column using "old_" and "new_" respectively. [...]". It's not true, you can get values by accessing tables "inserted." and "deleted.".
Additional InformationI'm almost sure. :)



2020-01-07 02:33

reporter   ~0001674

Now I read from docs: "On SQL-Server it is added to the "WHERE" clause of a query for inserted/deleted logical tables. See Sync Condition Example.".
Maybe update docs to smth like:
Sync Condition Example
Sync Conditions can access both old values and new values of a field/column using "old_" and "new_" respectively (for MSSQL it is "deleted." and "inserted."). For example, if your column is id and your condition checks the value coming in to be 'test', your condition will be:


2020-05-21 14:55

developer   ~0001718

It would hard to mention the specific alias needed for each of the 20+ databases supported unless we provide a table in the appendix. Maybe we reference the trigger template variable instead, which get replaced with the correct alias for the platform.

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