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0004314SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-09-12 13:29
Reporterpmarzullo Assigned Tojosh-a-hicks  
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Product Version3.11.0 
Target Version3.11.8Fixed in Version3.11.8 
Summary0004314: JdbcBatchBulk: Make it work for insert conflict resolution to be able to be used on reload channel
DescriptionJdbcBatchBulkDatabaseWriter needs to implement conflict resolution completely, but this issue is for a short term fix to the insert conflict resolution.
Right now, when JdbcBatchBulkDataWriter encounters unique key exception, it falls back to the DefaultDatabaseWriter, which attempts to do an insert.
When the same unique key exception is encountered, the conflict resolution for that (fallback to update) is short circuited by the JdbcBatchBulkDatabaseWriter, and the row is marked as successful, causing the databases to remain out of synch.

Eliminating the short circuit allows the DefaultDatabaseWriter to finish its fallback to update, bringing the databases into synch.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set dataloader type to bulk for a change data capture channel.
2. Insert a record into the target system.
3. Insert a record into the source system with the same primary keys but different values in other columns.

Target will not be updated even though the batch is marked as successful.


related to 0004315 closedjosh-a-hicks JdbcBatchBulk: Make it work for all conflict resolution 
related to 0003762 closedjosh-a-hicks Bulk loader fallback to default loader and fails will mark batch ok on source when it did not load the batch. 


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SymmetricDS: 3.11 352bf49f

2020-03-23 12:31:51


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0004314: JdbcBatchBulk: Make it work for insert conflict resolution to
be able to be used on reload channel
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