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0005049SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2021-07-13 17:53
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Product Version3.12.8 
Target Version3.12.11Fixed in Version3.12.11 
Summary0005049: Use session_context with JTDS driver
DescriptionThe session_context does not currently work with the JTDS driver, only the Microsoft driver. The use of "EXEC" (meant for batch T-SQL) to access the session_context stored procedure is what prevents JTDS from working.

Issue 0004847 added a new session_context method to replace context_info as a way to indicate that a batch is being loaded for a source node. The session_context is more reliable because batch scripts and hosted environments like Azure make use of and overwrite context_info. The session_context is easier to understand because it supports named session variables.

Issue 0004888 added tests to make sure it can use session_context. However, if someone installed SymmetricDS on SQL-Server prior to 3.12.8, and then upgraded to 3.12.8, 3.12.9, or 3.12.10, they would see source_node_id in sym_data being left empty.
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