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0005106SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-08-30 13:04
Reporterhongzeng Assigned Toemiller  
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Product Version3.12.11 
Target Version3.14.1Fixed in Version3.14.1 
Summary0005106: The PostgreSQL database cannot be synchronized under the USE_CHANGED_DATA and manual resolution strategy
Descriptiondatabase version :postgresql 10.17
Synchronous direction:postgresql - postgresql
Reproduction steps:The synchronization table policy is the use_ CHANGED_ DATA and manual resolution strategy, Ping Backs is SINGLE_ ROW. The two synchronization tables contain three fields, ID, name and age, and ID is the primary key. There is a piece of data with id = 1 under the source table and two pieces of data with id = 1 and id = 2 under the destination table. Then, change the id = 1 in the source table to 2. Because the data with id = 2 already exists in the target table, a conflict will occur. When manually resolving data, it cannot be completely resolved, and conflicting data always exists
Steps To Reproduce1.create table .
2.The source table inserts data with id = 1, and the destination table inserts data with id = 1 and id = 2.
3.Add synchronization table on symmetricDS.
4.Configure conflict policy is the use_ CHANGED_ DATA and manual resolution conflict.
5.Change the data of the source table id = 1 to id = 2.
6.Conflicts are resolved manually and never resolved.
Tagsconflict manager, dialect: postgresql



2021-11-24 18:42

developer   ~0002019

The update causes the connection to rollback, and there is no option of "on conflict do nothing". It sounds like the resolve data is only used after the conflict happens. Maybe it's possible to check for resolve data to use before encountering the conflict.


2021-11-24 18:45

developer   ~0002020

Workaround is to remove id=2 from target database, then it will load.

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SymmetricDS: 3.14 ff8d36ee

2022-08-04 17:57:07


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0005106: Fixed manual conflict resolution for Postgres Affected Issues
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