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0005531SymmetricDSBugpublic2022-11-30 19:49
Reporterelong Assigned Toelong  
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Product Version3.8.0 
Target Version3.14.3Fixed in Version3.14.3 
Summary0005531: Multi-homed clustered nodes stuck in loop of retry and resend of batches
DescriptionThe feature of copying a batch to the incoming staging of the target node ( = true) causes a loop of retrying and resending the batch if the target node is clustered, not using shared staging, and multi-homed with the source node. The source node copies the batch to the incoming staging of target node 1 but connects to target node 2 to sync it which doesn't have the batch in staging.

INFO [client] [IncomingBatchService] [client-pull-default-10] Retrying batch server-2987
INFO [client] [DataLoaderService] [client-pull-default-10] Unable to retry batch server-2987 because it's not in staging. Setting status to resend.
INFO [client] [PullService] [client-pull-default-10] Pull data received from server:server:server on queue default. 0 rows and 1 batches were processed. ()

INFO [server] [AcknowledgeService] [qtp1330400026-36105] The outgoing batch client-3318 received resend request
INFO [server] [PullUriHandler] [qtp1330400026-70576] 1 data and 1 batches sent during pull request from client:client:client
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related to 0005530 closedelong Multi-homed clustered nodes stuck in loop of retry and resend of batches 


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SymmetricDS: 3.14 67ef185f

2022-10-19 12:11:01


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0005531: Fixed NPE when targetEngine is null Affected Issues
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