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0005849SymmetricDSBugpublic2023-05-24 17:47
Reporteramirhr2 Assigned Toemiller  
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Product Version3.14.7 
Summary0005849: unable to load Web UI
DescriptionWhen I want to load the Web UI and run the BIN/SYM, it freezes on " [startup] - SymmetricWebServer - Joining the web server main thread " and doesn't continue.

Steps To Reproducesimply running the BIN/SYM.
Additional InformationI have checked with my own PC Windows 11 and my laptop Windows 10, and both had the same problem. The Java version is Oracle JDK-17. I also had JDK-20 and Java from their website to see if it works but it doesn't.

I have Norton Internet Security, I have pushed a rule to allow the port and fully disabled it but still have this issue.

when the loading freeze and I go to the port, I receive this message:
HTTP ERROR 403 Forbidden
URI: /
MESSAGE: Forbidden
SERVLET: default
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2023-05-20 09:48


Sym-Issue.png (68,870 bytes)   
Sym-Issue.png (68,870 bytes)   


2023-05-24 17:47

developer   ~0002331

There is no web interface for the open-source version of SymmetricDS. It uses HTTP to communicate data information. If you want a web interface, you can use SymmetricDS Pro, which is a commercial product.

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