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0005858SymmetricDSBugpublic2024-06-19 17:45
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Product Version3.14.0 
Summary0005858: Row in sym_table_reload_status does not get its setup_batch_loaded column updated appropriately
DescriptionIt's possible for a sym_table_reload_status entry to not get its setup_batch_loaded column updated when batches are loaded. As a result, the row gets stuck in a state where end_time=null and completed=0. In the pro UI, the load gets stuck in the "Loading" state with no additional progress being made. When this issue occurs, most loads are successful and the issue only affects a small number of them. It is expected to be a timing issue.

In one instance, this issue occurred when sending multiple loads for individual tables with sym_table_reload_request.delete_first=1. In this case, the source node was extract only and the target node was load only. Unlike issue 0005651, the datareload.batch.insert.transactional parameter was set to its default value of true. It's possible that in order to reproduce this, the source and target databases would have to be slow.
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The following log message was added in AcknowledgeService when a duplicate load status update gets ignored:"Ignoring duplicate load status update for load ID {} with batch {}", outgoingBatch.getLoadId(), outgoingBatch.getNodeBatchId());

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