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0005909SymmetricDSImprovementpublic2023-07-03 15:00
Reportercquamme Assigned Tocquamme  
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Target Version3.14.8Fixed in Version3.14.8 
Summary0005909: Some methods are synchronized unnecessarily in AbstractParameterService
DescriptionWe should remove the "synchronized" keyword for getNodeGroupOd(), getExternalId(), getEngineName(), getSyncUrl(), and getRegistrationUrl() in AbstractParameterService.

In the AbstractSymmetricEngine.init(), it already calls those methods from the single startup thread to make sure they are initialized, so it is unnecessary to have them be synchronized methods.
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2023-07-03 14:50

developer   ~0002350

Introduced by 0003959 in 3.9.21 and 3.10.3. Since then, we saw an issue where one thread is stuck in rereadDatabaseParameters() waiting for database/network and all other threads block on getEngineName() trying to handle incoming Jetty requests.

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SymmetricDS: 3.14 94e7861a

2023-07-03 14:38:43


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0005909: Some methods are synchronized unnecessarily in
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