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0006232SymmetricDS ProBugpublic2024-03-18 15:15
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Summary0006232: Node group summary database icons sometimes broken
DescriptionSometimes the database icon is broken on the Dashboard's Node Group Summary panel. H2 database is an example. It is looking for /icons/databases/H2-48x48.png instead of /icons/databases/h2-48x48.png (the database name should be lower case). There is a method in DesignUtils called getMappedDatabaseType() that is converting the sym_node.database_type to one that matches the icon file name.

It would be good to understand and straighten out confusion about:
- DatabaseNamesConstants
- sym_node.database_type
- sym_node.database_name
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2024-02-08 15:50


node-group-summary.png (30,337 bytes)   
node-group-summary.png (30,337 bytes)   


2024-02-12 18:35

developer   ~0002410

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The capitalized "H2" is coming from the Node's databaseType of "H2". Because there is no check for H2 in getMappedDatabaseType(), it returns the type "H2". We can either add a check to see if the type.toLowerCase().equals(DatabaseNamesConstants.H2), and if so return DatabaseNamesConstants.H2, or we can change the database Type information for H2. This is currently set in the SetupDatabaseScreen. Every database has a capitalized type name.

Database name in the node comes from engine.getDatabasePlatform().getName(), which is set by the DatabaseNamesConstants.

It might be good to use the DatabaseNamesConstants in place of the string literals in SetupDatabaseScreen. That way they're defined one place and everything should be consistent.

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