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Summary0000777: Dependency on child table for syncing additional data
DescriptionUse Case 1: A transfer document with line items is entered at store 3 with a "transfer to" field of store 1. At CO, the status on the document header is changed to Approved. The document and line items need sent to store 1. The store and status information is only on the document header, not the line items. Then the "transfer to" store field is changed to store 2. Now, we need to delete the document and lines from store 1 and sync it to store 2.

Use Case 2: Each store is assigned a catalog from which supplies are ordered. The store_catalog table links store 1 to catalog A. The catalog table is synced to store 1 with only the items belonging to catalog A. At central office, store 1 is re-assigned to catalog B. Now store 1 needs to be synced so it has catalog A items and not catalog B items.

Use Case 3: A child record has the necessary data to determine how a parent record is routed. When the parent record is created without a child, there is not enough information to route the parent. When the child record is created, the parent record should be routed based on the data in the child record.

When syncing the parent table, SymmetricDS should check child tables to see if rows should be synced from there also. Comparing old data to new data, it can be seen that the old data is a relationship to rows that need deleted.
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