0005126: [Bug] UI can get stuck on the "Starting SymmetricDS" screen when the server can't connect to a database but the client(s) can (emiller)
0005124: [Improvement] Add "enabled for initial load" checkbox to table routing form (emiller)
0005125: [Improvement] Improve appearance of "Starting SymmetricDS" screen (emiller)
0005127: [Bug] Editing staging files via the Manage Staging Area screen doesn't work if compression or encryption is enabled (emiller)
0005129: [New Feature] Import configuration in the background instead of hanging the UI (emiller)
0005130: [Bug] MongoDB quick config support for changing databases to view other collections (josh-a-hicks)
0005131: [Bug] OutgoingLoadPanel is calling a query for each table reload request (emiller)
0005132: [Improvement] List registration nodes first in the login dialog (emiller)
0005135: [Improvement] Improve appearance of sample subselect SQL on subset screen of quick config wizard (emiller)
0005136: [Improvement] Improve node setup wizard when creating an additional master node (emiller)
0005147: [Improvement] Improve appearance of group link screen in quick config wizard (emiller)
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