Released 2023-09-29
0005770: [Improvement] Use 600 series HTTP codes to distinguish from network devices (elong)
0006039: [Bug] CVE-2016-1000027 - /opt/symmetric-server/web/WEB-INF/lib/spring-web-5.3.27.jar
0005740: [Improvement] Have file sync make better use of staging (emiller)
0005857: [Bug] Security Vulnerability in Spring Framework and h2 database (elong)
0005840: [Improvement] Purge should use "exists" clause instead of "in" clause for performance (elong)
0002530: [Bug] postgresql infinity timestamp (JishLong)
0004034: [New Feature] Create tables based on target table name and column names set by routers and transforms (emiller)
0005545: [New Feature] Add support for H2 2.x and upgrade the H2 driver to the latest version (emiller)
0005641: [Improvement] Increase default connections to match what is needed for http.concurrent.workers.max (pmarzullo)
0005827: [Improvement] Track expired data gaps and repair any data missed by routing (elong)
0005778: [Improvement] Change timestamp size on sym tables with a timestamp as a primary key (cquamme)
0005784: [Improvement] Cache list of enabled nodes used by routing (elong)
0005792: [Improvement] Better logging when ack fail (elong)
0005835: [Bug] column name containing a "/" causes error (JishLong)
0005842: [Improvement] Purge retention for monitor events and console events (elong)
0005843: [Improvement] Change default push/pull to 10 seconds (elong)
0005860: [Improvement] Increase the statement query timeout (elong)
0005925: [Bug] Ignore Row Count not getting updated in outgoing batch table when a row is ignored (cquamme)
0005926: [New Feature] Adding a corresponding sym_outgoing_error table connected to sym_incoming_error (cquamme)
0005927: [Improvement] Use sym_outgoing_error table to ignore a row in outgoing batch (cquamme)
0002826: [Bug] Monitor event duplicate key when syncing (cquamme)
0003505: [Bug] SYM_TABLE_RELOAD_REQUEST is updated via DateTime which sometimes fails due to precision mismatch (elong)
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