0005972: [Improvement] Unlock feature of Nodes Panel should be in Registration dropdown (cquamme)
0005830: [New Feature] Allow console users to login using SAML authentication (emiller)
0005758: [New Feature] Add break glass users (emiller)
0005589: [Improvement] Move REST API to SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
0005637: [Improvement] Set SET MODE LEGACY in db.init.sql for H2 databases in engines, remove DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT from db URL if AUTO_SERVER also set (pmarzullo)
0005789: [Improvement] Move and enhance monitors and notifications for SymmetricDS Pro (emiller)
0005838: [New Feature] Log miner for MariaDB database (emiller)
0005917: [New Feature] Add insight manager to dashboard and replace integrity checks with insights (emiller)
0005941: [Improvement] Enhance User Roles with Hierarchy (JishLong)
0005945: [New Feature] Compare and repair with remote nodes (elong)
0005952: [New Feature] Add job trending insight (emiller)
0005953: [New Feature] Replace unsent batch monitor with one for online nodes and another for offline nodes (emiller)
0001613: [New Feature] Add the ability to resend a batch by reload that has been ignored or has had a row ignored (cquamme)
0004968: [Bug] Oracle log miner SQL parser exception from backslash value (emiller)
0005137: [Improvement] Upgrade to Vaadin 24 (emiller)
0005591: [New Feature] Add symconsole subcommands to REST API (emiller)
0005769: [Improvement] Optimize startup of all screens by waiting until they're opened to query and populate data (emiller)
0005861: [Improvement] Improve accuracy of CPU monitor (elong)
0005928: [Improvement] Use sym_outgoing_error table to ignore a row in outgoing batch (cquamme)
0005963: [Improvement] License key command line operations (emiller)
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