Released 2022-11-30
0005519: [Improvement] Updating KafkaDataWriter to work with Filters (jvanmeter)
0005463: [Bug] Initial load of a table with a self referencing FK will not load if out of order (josh-a-hicks)
0005604: [Improvement] Check sync URL ends with engine name (elong)
0003313: [New Feature] Propagate default GUID from MSSQL to SQLITE (emiller)
0003545: [Bug] Mapped default values lead to always detecting a model change (emiller)
0005507: [Bug] Postgres LOCALTIMESTAMP function gets surrounded by quotes when imported as a default value (emiller)
0005510: [Bug] Multiple active trigger history for same table (elong)
0005511: [Bug] Error request path not supported for /server/config (elong)
0005512: [Bug] Default values for Oracle RAW columns get surrounded by quotes when exported (emiller)
0005513: [Bug] SQL Server GETDATE() and GETUTCDATE() functions get surrounded by quotes when imported as default values (emiller)
0005514: [Bug] SQL Server sysname type should not have its size specified (emiller)
0005515: [Improvement] When installing service for systemd, make sure to specify absolute path to java executable when creating systemd control file (pmarzullo)
0005520: [Improvement] Acknowledgement gets null SQL message (elong)
0005523: [Bug] Create trigger hist if routing can't find it (elong)
0005524: [New Feature] Adding New Monitor Types For OS Load Average and OS Open File Handles (cquamme)
0005526: [Improvement] Default max batch to send as 10 (elong)
0005529: [Bug] Cannot set up SQL Server log-based replication without "ALTER ANY DATABASE" permission (emiller)
0005531: [Bug] Multi-homed clustered nodes stuck in loop of retry and resend of batches (elong)
0005535: [Improvement] Improve how default values are handled when syncing DDL cross-platform (emiller)
0005536: [Improvement] Add support for Postgres' inet, cidr, macaddr and macaddr8 data types (emiller)
0005544: [Bug] Initial load error on MySQL with parameter (elong)
0005547: [Improvement] Treat any default value that contains "()" as a function (emiller)
0005551: [New Feature] Add parameters that specify how to sync default values (emiller)
0005553: [Improvement] Allow spaces in values within value map column transform expression (emiller)
0005554: [Bug] Example 25 in User Guide is missing permissions (emiller)
0005557: [Bug] SQL-Server capture rows that exceed 4000 characters (pmarzullo)
0005558: [Improvement] Create table without defaults if in error (elong)
0005563: [Improvement] Add functionality to symadmin export-sym-tables to export alters when upgrading (pmarzullo)
0005570: [New Feature] Add engine name and server name variables to notification templates (emiller)
0005571: [Bug] Unique index on function causes error when resolving a conflict (elong)
0005580: [Bug] Script error from newer wins conflict resolution with old nodes (elong)
0001960: [Improvement] Service start script always waits for 5s (elong)
0003109: [Bug] File replication routing job fails with error message when channel is not a file sync channel - needs better error message (emiller)
0005542: [Bug] Apache commons-text version 1.9 security vulnerability (pmarzullo)
0005560: [Bug] ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small (elong)
0005582: [Bug] Database Platforms That Don't Support SQL Queries Throw Error with SQL Explorer (cquamme)
0005583: [Improvement] Service wrapper wait for "started" message instead of 5 second timeout (elong)
0005586: [Bug] Trigger creation fails when 2 new triggers have trigger IDs that are identical when shortened (pmarzullo)
0005596: [Bug] Failure to Flush when using ConvertToReload router. (jvanmeter)
0005603: [Bug] Parse exception of batch should remove it from staging (elong)
0005605: [Improvement] Parameter that alters table case should be for cross platform only (elong)
0005606: [Improvement] CPU monitor top threads should ignore threads waiting on I/O (elong)
0005456: [Bug] ORA-24816 when sync varchar2(4000) and long in same table (elong)
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