Released 2022-11-30
0005509: [Bug] Multiple active trigger history for same table (elong)
0005522: [Bug] Create trigger hist if routing can't find it (elong)
0005525: [Bug] Unsupported Postgresql data types
0005528: [Bug] Cannot set up SQL Server log-based replication without "ALTER ANY DATABASE" permission (emiller)
0005530: [Bug] Multi-homed clustered nodes stuck in loop of retry and resend of batches (elong)
0005518: [Improvement] Updating KafkaDataWriter to work with Filters (jvanmeter)
0005539: [Improvement] Support for a default value to generate a GUID using built in function on table creation (josh-a-hicks)
0005541: [Bug] Apache commons-text version 1.9 security vulnerability (pmarzullo)
0005543: [Bug] Initial load error on MySQL with parameter (elong)
0005556: [Bug] SQL-Server capture rows that exceed 4000 characters (pmarzullo)
0005574: [Bug] Unique index on function causes error when resolving a conflict (elong)
0005579: [Bug] Script error from newer wins conflict resolution with old nodes (elong)
0005585: [Bug] Trigger creation fails when 2 new triggers have trigger IDs that are identical when shortened (pmarzullo)
0005595: [Bug] Failure to Flush when using ConvertToReload router. (jvanmeter)
0005602: [Bug] Parse exception of batch should remove it from staging (elong)
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