Released 2023-01-16
0005652: [New Feature] Improve SQL Server DDL triggers and add DDL triggers for Oracle and Postgres (emiller)
0005655: [Bug] sym_node_host trigger should capture changes even if auto.sync.configuration is set to false (pmarzullo)
0005650: [Improvement] Problems replicating DDL to another node with the same database type but different database version (emiller)
0005648: [Improvement] Add "open registration" call to REST service (elong)
0005645: [Bug] Registration redirect URL does not have query parameters for older versions of SymmetricDS clients (pmarzullo)
0005646: [Bug] DBExport incorrectly formats time data (emiller)
0005640: [Bug] Filtering transactions for snapshot gets stack overflow error and never finishes creating snapshot (pmarzullo)
0005638: [Bug] Flush cache of routers when a router is changed (elong)
0005625: [Bug] Stack overflow while extracting batch containing a table removed from replication (elong)
0005610: [Improvement] SqlAnywhere support for v. 12 and higher (josh-a-hicks)
0005631: [Improvement] Full load request does not support a reload select statement (josh-a-hicks)
0005635: [Bug] Single Store extends MySQL dialect but does not need to check for an "innodb" engine (josh-a-hicks)
0005630: [Improvement] When deleting FK child rows during conflict resolution and old_data is null, query for the parent row on the target (emiller)
0005624: [Bug] Deletes get ignored when foreign key children exist but cannot be found (emiller)
0004424: [Improvement] Log monitor fails to insert because of duplicate key when logs are shared across instances of a node (pmarzullo)
0005597: [Bug] SymDS is not syncing specific record during initial load (pmarzullo)
0005619: [Bug] Insert statements generated by DBExport contain question marks when there are null values (emiller)
0005611: [Bug] Check sync URL ends with engine name or "sync" (elong)
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