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0001261SymmetricDSBugpublic2019-05-31 16:07
Reporterseroteev Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4.6 
Target Version3.8.22Fixed in Version3.8.22 
Summary0001261: reload-table doesn't work with tables that have collate latin1_bin
DescriptionYou can't reload-table in mysql when you have specific data fields
The error is:
DataExtractorService - Failed to extract batch 001-25
org.jumpmind.symmetric.SymmetricException: The extracted row data did not have the expected (1) number of columns: [B@5228ea06
    at org.jumpmind.symmetric.service.impl.DataExtractorService$SelectFromTableSource$1.mapRow(
Steps To ReproduceCREATE TABLE number_of_columns_bug (
test varchar(255) character set latin1 collate latin1_bin NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
textfield text NOT NULL,

insert into number_of_columns_bug values('testField1','SometextField');

../bin/symadmin reload-table number_of_columns_bug

You must have entry in triggers and trigger_router for 'number_of_columns_bug'
Additional InformationThe effect is the same on version 3.3.4 and 3.4.4
Tagsdata type, dialect: mysql/mariadb


related to 0003076 closedgwilmer MySQL binary collation sequence causes incorrect decoding of text data from source 



2014-02-12 20:03

developer   ~0000478

Reproduced on 3.5.16.


2014-02-12 20:48

developer   ~0000479

The issue is MySQL's "collate latin1_bin". The column is defined as a VARCHAR so we expect to treat it like a text field. All the fields get converted to a text form and passed through CONCAT(). The problem is the field with "collate latin1_bin" is causing CONCAT() to return a binary result instead of a text one. The manual on CONCAT() says it will do that when it encounters binary data.

I tested queries in SquirrelSQL, and this query comes back as binary data:

select concat(test, textfield) from number_of_columns_bug;

However, I can force the results to come back correctly by casting the field, like this:

select concat(cast(test as char), textfield) from number_of_columns_bug;

The "collate latin1_bin" seems to designate that characters are actually handled with binary data.

The same CONCAT() function is used with the triggers, so why does it behave one way and work fine there, but act differently when we run a SELECT statement?

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